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Guitar Lessons In Your Home in Mankato, North Mankato, Saint Peter, Eagle Lake, Madison Lake, Cleveland, Mapleton, MSU Mankato, at my guitar studio in Minnesota Lake, and South-Central Minnesota, USA

About Us
Guitar Lessons

"I'm surprised I learned so much today!" Shaw R., after his first guitar lesson, Mankato

"Ryan has a method of getting to know his students, finding their musical preference, and using it to keep their interest and enthusiasm as they learn." Amy H., Mapleton

"Ryan himself seems to inspire my son to practice." Adele S., North Mankato

Guitar Rental

Monthly rental of 25$ will go towards the purchase of your acoustic guitar. In only four payments you'll forever own your guitar!

Starter Package

The Starter Package is $75 for two months of guitar lessons. There are no contracts, no book you'll have to buy, no material fees, no store fees, no sales pressure, only hassle-free expert guitar lessons in your home or at my amazing guitar studio. Lessons are given in half-hour weekly or one-hour bi-weekly master classes age 6-16 to adult in Minnesota Lake or conveniently in your home, anywhere in South Central Minnesota. At your very first lesson we get right to learning a new song and creating music. After a few months, you will understand basic techniques like picking, strumming, music notes, ear-training, improvisation, and composition. Soon you will be able to jam with your friends, write your own songs, or simply enjoy the sounds of your own guitar playing. Invest confidently in my program to reach your goals, quickly get real guitar playing results, and keep your music-making skills for a life-time! Please 'LIKE' our facebook business page and check 'GET NOTIFICATIONS' to keep up. 24 hours notice must be given to cancel a lesson and re-schedule. All packages include access to special events like field trips, concerts, and open-mic at Park Street Guitar Lessons studio.

Become a Real Hero Package

The Become a Real Hero Package is $120 for one-hour weekly guitar lessons in your home or at my guitar studio for two months. This discounted package is recommended if you want to double your playing progress!

Rock Star Package

The Rock Star Package is 400$ and features intense half-hour weekly lessons for for twelve months. This package is designed to influence long-term goal setting.

Ultimate Achiever Package

The Ultimate Achiever Package is twelve months of one-hour weekly lessons for long-term goal achieving students. This package incorporates the psychology of achievement based on the teachings of Brian Tracy, Steven Covey, Napoleon Hill, and Tony Robbins. The Ultimate Achiever Package is a cool 700$.

Park Street Guitar Lessons Package

The Park Street Guitar Lessons Package is 800$ advance-pay for twelve months of one-hour weekly guitar lessons. This package includes Learn to Read Music by Playing Guitar! and a framed certificate of completion for your future resume. Older students who do well will also receive a letter of recommendation personally from me courtesy of Park Street Guitar Lessons. This package is recommended to students ages 6-16 and who are committed to long-term success.

Our Commitment to Excellence
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Join our mission of community education for your whole family
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My Method Books

Learn to Read Music by Playing Guitar! by Ryan Lano

Learn to Read Music by Playing Guitar! is a 238 page step-by-step progressive method of pure music notation based on classical tradition using the finest studies and examples from four centuries of music's history in a three ring binder. The book is dispersed free to advancing students of Park Street Guitar Lessons, offered to ambitious students who have had significant music lessons prior, or it can be purchased outright for 100$. If you want to be the best you can be, even if you are already an advanced guitarist, buy my book and understand musical notes on a scholarly level by studying past masters. There is no book as comprehensive and complete as mine. Learning to read music is an illustrious tradition and the guitarist should be no exception!

Learn to Read Music by Playing Guitar! by Ryan Lano
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"Learn to Read Music by Playing Guitar! is a helpful tool for anyone who wants to learn to play the guitar and keep up with other musicians." Rich H., Saint Peter, MN


Learn to Play the Guitar by Reading Tablature by Ryan Lano

Learn to Play the Guitar by Reading Tablature by Ryan Lano is a 500+ page book disbursed free to all students of Park Street Guitar Lessons in a cumulative progression. Learn the ropes from me and enjoy tab-reading forever. NOTE TO INDUSTRY: Learn to Play the Guitar by Reading Tablature by Ryan Lano and its contents is original and unique. Any attempt at infringement or plagiarism will result in prompt and vigorous persecution.

Learn to Play the Guitar by Reading Tablature by Ryan Lano
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"Learn to Play the Guitar by Reading Tablature is not just a tool box, but the entire chest!" Rich H., Saint Peter

"Learn to Play the Guitar by Reading Tablature is easy to understand and pick up on. Your lessons are so well-planned I'm looking forward to learning more!" Jeff B., Minnesota Lake

"I wouldn't have another teacher if they paid me. Ryan's method with his attention to me personally really kicks it up a notch!" Karl U., Eagle Lake
"I learned more in two lessons than I did in two months with the other teacher." Paige H., Minnesota Lake

"You make it so easy to understand guitar." Sara S., New Ulm

Let the students do the talking!
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My local teaching success is based on seventeen years of dedicated teaching, one university music degree, two self-authored books, band coaching experience, classroom experience, 5 years youth counseling experience, live performance experience, and hundreds of South-Central Minnesota guitar students to revitalize your music-making using my value-packed and continuously reliable guitar lesson program. I have been teaching in the Mankato and Saint Peter, MN area for 17 years and my customers tell me it is the best lessons they have ever had.
As a teacher, I imagine guitar players creating music together by learning the language of music in which to communicate. I want you too to learn the language of music using my effective step-by-step repeat-tested and proven method.

At your very first guitar lesson, you will be playing and learning faster and more thorough than any video instruction, online tabs, self-learning book, or music store hire will give you. I've honed and prepared my method for years so you can achieve your goals and get real guitar-playing results!

Park Street Guitar Lessons provides a beautiful studio location, and the area's finest in home lessons in which to provide a cool atmosphere conducive to serious learning.
In home guitar lessons has been a big success and Park Street Guitar Lessons is the area's trusted authority for expert in home guitar instruction.

Almost everyone who signs up with me sticks to it, and every single person loves the experience and especially parents love the experience of watching their daughter or son grow into a well-rounded and smart guitar player! 

Please like and subscribe, watch, tune up that axe, and then call me directly for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, classical guitar, electric bass guitar, drum lessons, and band coaching!

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Where are you in your guitar playing? Where do you want to be?

What towns does Park Street Guitar Lessons serve?
At Home guitar lessons take place in Mankato, North Mankato, Saint Peter, Eagle Lake, Madison Lake, and surrounding area. Students are coming to our three studio locations from Le Sueur, Henderson, Le Center, Cleveland, Kasota, Ellendale, New Richland, Pemberton, Amboy, Good Thunder, St. James, Madelia, Lake Crystal, Garden City, Winnebago, Waseca, Janesville, Frost, Freeborn, Alden, Kiester, Elmore, Easton, Blue Earth, Fairmont, Stevens, Nicollet, New Ulm; as far north as Arlington, MN and as far south as Albert Lea and Buffalo Center, IA. Please call or e-mail me if you would like a successful individual or group guitar lesson program for your church, school, or business location.

A My Studio Location in Minnesota Lake
B At Home Guitar Lessons in Mankato/North Mankato
C At Home Guitar Lessons in Saint Peter
D At Home Lessons anywhere in South Central Minnesota

Please call me directly or leave an email just above to discuss the best guitar lessons location that is right for you 507-341-4140